Lavelier Products Set

Lavelier spa, & beauty products

Lavelier harnesses the restorative powers of the ocean to care for every skincare needs. Featuring antioxidant-rich Corallina Officinalis (Coral Seaweed) and the healing properties of marine botanicals, we bring you exceptional products infused with the revitalizing potential of the deep sea.

Lavelier’s key ingredient, Corallina Officinalis (Coral Seaweed), is a red seaweed harvested from the deep ocean. It contains high micro-nutrient concentrations, rich bioactive compounds, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and trace minerals including calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, amino acids, and vitamins.

Thanks to its anti-photoaging compound, phlorotannin, Coral Seaweed has also been shown to slow down the degradation of skin collagen by preventing UV-induced oxidative stress, thereby preempting the pigmentation process and the wrinkle-causing effects of UV rays.


Coralline Collagen Collection

The Collagen Coralline Collection minimizes the appearance of deep wrinkles, leaving skin with a tighter, smoother feel. Use entire collection for optimal results.


Hydrotherm Collection

The HydroTherm Collection plumps, strengthens and repairs your skin. Works over time to refine troubled spots, leaving a radiant complexion. Use entire collection for optimal results.


Mineral Allure

The Mineral Allure Collection stimulates blood circulation, leaving skin youthful and energized. Use entire collection for optimal results.

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